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Why Streaminar?


When you just go live on a social platform, most of your audience will miss out on your broadcast. Streaminar lets you schedule your broadcast. We will automatically promote your broadcast repeatedly on all your social network time lines. Maximize your audience with Streaminar for free.


Offer your audience to sign up for reminders with their social accounts, and in return, you get a list of all interested followers, for free. We enable Pro and Enterprise users to stay in touch with your audience after your live stream. Keep them engaged with your brand, your products and your message.


Streaminar lets you produce a professional multi-camera live broadcast, lets you share presentations, demonstrate applications and insert videos during your live broadcast. Overlay logos and text and use our magic picture in picture feature. Streaminar lets you send your message to your audience without the need for expensive studio equipment and software.


Send your message to the world, no limits. Go live on all platforms simultaneously, by doing one live stream via Streaminar. Go live on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch and YouTube: whichever platform your audience prefers, you’ll reach them there. Streaminar will increase your reach tremendously. Love Live!

Price plans

Flexible plans that grow with you. We help you to stream smarter from day one.

Free (beta)

Schedule, promote and produce the coolest live streams, for free.



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  • Schedule
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  • Streaminar Studio
  • One social platform
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Pro (private beta)

Rock the world with professional live streams on all social platforms. Generate leads!


Per month, billed annually

Try for free

  • Schedule
  • Promote
  • Streaminar Studio
  • Three social platforms
  • No watermark
  • 2 hours per day
  • Lead generation
  • Ad free


Promote your brand through professional live streaming on all social platforms. Engage with your audience.

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Contact us

  • Schedule
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  • Streaminar Studio
  • All social platforms
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Rock the world with professional streams on all platforms

Why live streaming

We believe live streaming is the next big thing of this era.

Live streaming enables you to send your message instantly to customers, followers and fans.

Live video generates the biggest impact for lead generation, marketing, (personal) branding and sales.

This requires a professional platform, that equips you with advanced functionalities. Streaminar is this platform.

Social live streaming is still at its infancy.

We help you to stand out of the crowd, thanks to 25 years experience with worldwide video broadcasting and a deep knowledge of online marketing.

Streaminar takes live streaming to a new level offering a rich live studio and powerful promotion and lead generation features.

And you know what? It’s free and easy to use. Simply log on with your social account and conquer the world.

Sounds like music to your ears? Watch our demo and dive into the features and possibilities of Streaminar.

Love Live!

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