We are live as private beta!

Yeah! Streaminar is now available as a private beta

We are so excited!

What is Streaminar?

Streaminar is the easiest and coolest platform to produce studio-like professional live streams, right out of your browser. Add and mix multiple cameras, presentations, applications and websites, insert pre-edited videos, mix audio and add cool overlays too. Streaminar lets you stream simultaneously to all your favorite live social platforms, to maximize your reach.

Streaminar does more: we automatically promote your broadcasts on all your social media timelines. We make sure everyone knows about your upcoming broadcast. We even generate leads for you: we turn your audience into customers. Expand your brand, expand your reach, live on the web. We love live.

See our demo video here.

Public Beta release v1.0

Streaminar is work in progress, so here’s what you can expect not to work as expected yet:

Logging in

  • We advise using Firefox, Brave or Chrome on your Mac, Windows or Linux computer.
  • Registration and logging in should work in any browser, on any device, but the Studio relies on advanced WebRTC features available in browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.
  • We are getting feedback that logging in sometimes causes a 500 error. Refreshing may work. Or try one of the other login options.

Social platform integration status:

  • We are in the process of adding more social networks for login, social posting and live streaming.
  • Google login and YouTube live streaming are fully implemented. We are in Google’s review process, so in order to log in or connect, for now, you need to click on advanced and click on Go To Streaminar.com (don’t mind the warnings, it’s safe).
  • Facebook login, posting and live streaming is fully implemented but we have temporarily disabled it. We are in the process of being reviewed by Facebook and that causes too many confusing errors for users. Pending approval…

Streaminar live page

  • The page is working functionally, we are working on a cool redesign

Pro accounts: private beta

  • Pro features are in private beta.
  • We are implementing the payment service.
  • If you want to apply for a free pro beta account, simply click on Go Pro and let us know why you should be a Pro beta tester.

Posting on your timelines

  • In this beta-testing phase we will not actually post on your timelines.
  • You will get emails though, to see that the process is implemented.

Audiovisual output quality

  • Chrome on Mac seems to have WebRTC video performance issues: try Firefox.
  • We will start with tuning the audiovisual encoding quality.
  • So you may experience quality changes in the audio and video in the beta phase.

Expect us to add enhancements, bug fixes and new features weekly.
Since we are in beta, services may or may not work all the time.

Try Streaminar Beta

Try Streaminar here: it’s free.

Please send bugs, compliments and all your feedback to hello@streaminar.com 
We really appreciate your feedback!

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