What is Streaminar?

In this article we are presenting the biggest benefits of using Streaminar and why our customers love it!

Streaminar is the easiest platform to produce professional live streams on social media and generate leads for your business.

With Streaminar you connect with your audience and even build a relationship with them.

 Promote your broadcast

Streaminar automatically promotes your upcoming live stream and reminds your followers to sign up. You only have to pick a time and date, personalize the message and prepare yourself for your live stream. We take care of your promotion, by posting the message regularly on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Twitch timeline. By doing so we create a buzz around your upcoming live stream and increase your viewers. No longer harass yourself; let Streaminar take care of your promotion.

 Generate leads

Streaminar allows you to get a list of names, email addresses and detailed information of people who are interested in your webinar.  Stay in touch with your viewers after your live stream, by making them special offers or keeping them engaged by inviting them for your next live stream. Your content is worth a lot, monetize it!

 Become a streaming pro

Streaminar allows you to create awesome content and add up to ten different sources in your live streams. Share your knowledge live with your viewers through movies, pictures, powerpoints or whatever kind of content you like. Your audience will love it!

Broadcast on all social platforms at the same time

Streaminar allows you to go live on all platforms simultaneously, by doing one live stream. Facebook, Twitch, YouTube: whatever platform your audience prefers, you’ll reach them there. It will increase your reach tremendously and makes you even more popular among your target audience.

Watch the video below to get more insights about Streaminar!

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