Why I cannot switch on stream on YouTube?

If the button does not work, you need to enable live streaming option on YouTube (keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours for YouTube to enable live stream for you). You need to go to YouTube, to Creator Studio tools, choose “other features” (on the picture below)

and live stream now.

Here is the link with a more detailed explanation:


How do I promote my broadcast?

  • Go to “promote” on my.streaminar.com.
  • Select a date when you are planning to do your broadcast.
  • Then choose an attractive headline. We advise you to pay close attention to a headline, as your audience will decide from your headline, do they need to spend time on your online seminar or not.
  • Think of a short, but to the point description of your online seminar (there is a word limit of 140 characters). When your headline catches the eye of your audience, they are going to read the description. Try to think of the biggest benefit that your audience will get if they watch your broadcast.
  • Choose a cover image for your online seminar. Bright colors and good quality of an image catches the eye of people when they are scrolling their social media timelines.
  • Enter a start time and end time of your broadcast. Tip: if you schedule more than 4 weeks ahead, Streaminar can maximize promotion.