Why live streaming is so cool and important

1) Why live streaming is so cool and important

Real life communication

The best and most impactful way to communicate is when you are physically together with your audience: you do not only share your knowledge or your performance through what you say, but also how you say it, how you come across, how you look and with your gestures.

Live video is real

Less than 10% of what you want to say comes through via text or presentations. Video does give that full experience. And live video gives that extra dimension: it’s like you’re really there. Live video is the next best thing to being there for real, with your idol, that expert, or at that awesome event.

Live video is now, and it is magic

Viewers are so involved in live video. It happens now. As a viewer, you wouldn’t have wanted to miss this. You are there. You are the first to hear. You are part of something special. You are part of a group that experiences this great event at the same time, sometimes exclusively, and sometimes with millions at the same time, across the globe.

Live video is authentic

Anything can happen with live video. That makes it extra exciting. Live makes the viewer extra attentive and engaged. Because anything can happen, you can’t script everything. You may have to improvise. Be yourself. Be creative. Live broadcasting makes the broadcaster more authentic and credible. Your audience greatly appreciates this.


2) Who will become the live streaming celebrities?

Live video makes you unique

Live streaming is uncharted territory for vloggers, brands and marketers. As a live broadcaster you can build name and fame, you can build an even larger fan base, and you can distinguish yourself from other vloggers and brands by broadcasting live. Moreover, the algorithms of social media platforms give you a higher position if you stream live.

Live streaming: be first mover

In the online gaming world, live streamers are already becoming huge celebrities. This will also happen to vloggers, marketers and brands. Who will become the best-known live streamers in your industry? The first to embrace live streaming have the best chance. They will build the largest fan base. And thereby they create tremendous value.

Live streaming: who will become the new celebrities?

We predict that people and brands who already have a lot of reach will soon embrace live streaming since they can build upon an existing audience. Via live broadcasts they can share their creativity even better with their fans. We also think that new celebrities will arise who specialize in live broadcasts. Fans will be ready at set times to be able to follow every broadcast.


3) Just go live.

Don’t fear live

Younger people are so used to Facetime and vlogging, they grew up with so many examples that they broadcast live without any hesitation. For some people it can still be a mental barrier to stand in front of a camera live.

Streaminar helps you overcome this barrier. You can record and edit videos in advance. You can start these videos at any time during your live Streaminar broadcast. You can introduce the videos live, and can comment on them. This way you are live, with all the authenticity and involvement and reach, but you can safely start a video if you hesitate for a moment. Try it! It really works.

No more technical thresholds

Filming and editing a video are a lot of work and require specialization. The technology for providing a live broadcast is even more complex: you need expensive video mixers and encoding software: you have to be a technical expert if you want to be able to provide a good broadcast.

Here too Streaminar helps: Streaminar Studio offers the most intuitive interface to provide a professional broadcast. All you need is a browser. In Streaminar Studio you can switch easily between multiple cameras. You can share screens. You can start videos, display images, display logos and mix audio. Try it, it’s really simple. The studio is free to use.


4) Build a larger fan base.

Go live on all social platforms for maximum reach

More and more social platforms offer live streaming options. Your audience is scattered across all those platforms. So, you want to be able to broadcast live on any platform of your choice. Streaminar helps you with this. Via Streaminar you can select on which social platforms you broadcast live: Twitch or YouTube for example, or maybe even on LinkedIn? It’s free with Streaminar. And why not broadcast live on all platforms simultaneously? Maximize your reach with Streaminar.

Increase reach with social platforms through automatic promotion

If you spontaneously start broadcasting live, then only a small part of your audience will be able to watch: the people who happen to be online at the time and happen to have time to watch. Streaminar helps you to increase your reach. With Streaminar you can schedule each broadcast and create a social promotion post. Streaminar then automatically promotes your broadcast repeatedly on the timelines of your social platforms, for free.


5) Create business.

Product placement

Vloggers earn primarily from product placement. Sponsors pay vloggers to bring their products to the attention of the fans in a playful way. Product placement is under pressure: viewers experience videos with product placement as less authentic, with the risk of dropping out. There are also more and more noises to explicitly mention product placement.

Live streaming and product placement

Live streaming is much more authentic, which means that product placement can be experienced as less disturbing. Live streaming therefore helps to maintain the product placement earnings model and also helps to maintain the appreciation of your viewers.

Build a deeper relationship with your viewers by streaming live

Viewers become more involved in a live broadcast compared to watching a video. However, much more can be done: the special thing about social platforms is that they know exactly who is watching your videos, but you still do not know.

Your viewers are anonymous. Sometimes that’s fine, but often there is a need to build a deeper relationship with each other, from both sides: you and your fans want to connect. You are quite vulnerable if your fan base is on 1 social platform. You have no direct contact with the fans. One modification of the algorithm and it will cost you large percentages of your viewers. One change in policy and you may lose your fan base.

From anonymous viewer to personal relation

Direct contact with your viewers is essential to build a long-term and deeper relationship with your fans. Streaminar helps with this. If you schedule a live broadcast in Streaminar, and Streaminar automatically promotes on your social channels, we encourage your fans to sign up for that broadcast. In return, they automatically receive reminders from Streaminar, for their own agenda, and by email, about your broadcast.

When registering on Streaminar, your fans share their email address with you. This lets you build a direct relationship with your fans via email: one on one. For example, make them a member of your fan club. Offer them exclusive material or make them exclusive offers. Streaminar turns anonymous viewers into personal relations.


Stef van der Ziel

Stef is a streaming entrepreneur and pioneer. He produced the very first live video webcast in the world, in 1994. See 25yearsstreaming.com. Since then, Stef initiated many live streaming projects and several companies, including Jet-Stream.com and Streaminar.com.

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