Tips to prepare awesome content

Tips to prepare awesome content

Streaminar is the easiest platform to produce a studio-like broadcast, right from your browser. To impress your audience, here are some tips to prepare awesome content for your broadcast that they will never forget.

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1) Create graphics or animations

Create some cool HD 16:9 aspect ratio images or videos that you can use as ‘waiting for the show to begin’, ‘pause’, ‘thank you for watching’ and call to action images before, during and after your broadcast. Also, think of nice graphic overlays such as your logo or a title image. We support transparent PNG. You don’t need to upload these images, simply drag and drop them into Streaminar Studio from your desktop. Add text overlays as well. You can prepare these images and text overlays before the show. You can turn overlays on and off at any time during your broadcast by clicking on the purple box on its left side.

2) Pre-record and edit some cool videos

This is the age of video, no more boring powerpoints, right? Create cool clips to show during your live broadcast. You can preload multiple videos without having to upload them. Hover over the video source and you can set it to loop, play in the background (background music!) or reset it to the first frame. Start videos during your live presentation, your professional mixer!

3) Use up to 10 cameras

Connect up to ten cameras to your computer and add these as sources in Streaminar. Switch between cameras and produce a multi-camera broadcast, right from your browser. Microphone mixing is done separately so you are totally free to switch between cameras without audio interruptions. You can use built-in cameras and HD USB cameras, and you can also use professional studio feeds.

4) Use screen sharing

Show your game skills, do a live Keynote or Powerpoint presentation, demonstrate your applications and review the latest websites. You can even share a video Facetime or Skype call, for instance, to get third parties into your broadcast. Firefox natively lets you share your screen in Streaminar. No plugins needed! When you want to share a screen in Chrome, Streaminar will offer you a screen sharing plugin to download and install. Try to scale the screens you want to share to a 16:9 aspect ratio before you share them, to get the best result during your broadcasts. Scaling screens while sharing may screw up their aspect ratio during the broadcast.

5) Mix audio

Last but not least: we strongly recommend using a proper microphone instead of your laptop mic. Bad audio is killing. Add your microphone to the audio mixer. Chrome supports multiple microphones; Firefox is limited to one. Audio tracks of videos are also automatically shown as an audio source. You can live level and mix and mute all audio sources of individual microphones and videos. Press m on your keyboard to mute and unmute the entire broadcast.

Pro tip: if you do a live broadcast with multiple hosts, use multiple proper microphones, mix the audio and feed the audio mix into Streaminar as one mic source using the mic in the port of your computer. Another pro tip: there are third-party apps available that can offer system sound or applications that sounds like a microphone. This is how you can share video and audio calls and podcasts with your audience.

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