Getting started with Streaminar

Here is the list of tips and tricks from our developers on how to make the use of Streaminar more professional in order to present a great webinar:

Logging in

Log in with one of your favorite social accounts: Facebook/Google/LinkedIn/Twitch/Twitter. You can also create an account with your email address.

Complete your profile

Click on the Streaminar logo in the left upper corner, go to Profile settings to complete your profile. The more details you fill in, the more attractive your Streaminar page becomes for potential viewers.

Connect your social accounts

Streaminar can automatically promote broadcasts on your timelines and can stream your broadcasts live on multiple social platforms. The more platforms you connect, the better Streaminar can promote your broadcasts and the more people you can reach.

Your social platforms will ask you to grant Streaminar permission to write to your timelines and to stream to these platforms. Don’t worry, we will only use the connection to promote your broadcasts on your behalf, and to stream live to these platforms.


Select a date when you are planning to do your broadcast.

Then choose an attractive headline. We advise you to pay close attention to a headline, as your audience will decide from your headline, do they need to spend time on your online seminar or not. Here is the blog post where you can find tips on how to come up with a catchy headline.

Think of a short, but to the point description of your online seminar (there is a word limit of 140 characters). When your headline catches the eye of your audience, they are going to read the description. Try to think of the biggest benefit that your audience will get if they watch your broadcast.

Choose a cover image for your online seminar. Bright colors and good quality of an image catches the eye of people when they are scrolling their social media timelines.

Enter a start time and end time of your broadcast. Tip: if you schedule more than 4 weeks ahead, Streaminar can maximize promotion.


You can choose on which social platforms we auto promote your upcoming broadcast. You can also select on which platforms we will live stream your online seminar. You can choose to promote your live stream on Linkedin and Twitter. And you can stream on YouTube and Twitch. Facebook is in development.


The publish screen shows you when we auto-post an online seminar promotion on your social platform timelines. Use the sharing URL to promote the Streaminar yourself, for instance via an automated mailing tool. Click on publish to switch from draft mode to published mode: if you allow Streaminar to promote on your timeline, we will start publishing your message automatically. Tip: you can change the message and the image between promotion dates.


You can generate leads by using Streaminar. You can see the list of email addresses and names of people who signed up for your broadcast if you have a Pro account. You can also export the list of subscribers for your broadcast to a CSV formatted file, which you can import into your automated mailing tool and then send follow-up emails to them.

Hungry for more?

Check out this blog post about tips on how to prepare awesome content for your broadcast.