Why did we invent Streaminar?

Why did we invent Streaminar?

It started with a brainstorm

In September of 2018, the Jet-Stream team held a brainstorm session about the future of streaming. We talked about how social media platforms are a driving force behind live streaming. They combine social sharing and promotion with big data and streaming. Besides that, next to physical meetings, video is the best way to share your message and your knowledge. People love videos. We also agreed that live video adds that extra special notion of authenticity, exclusivity, and unpredictability. You really get the feeling that you are part of something unique.

We came to the conclusion that some critical elements were missing in current social live streaming:

  1. Promotion for instance. When you go live on a social platform, you just reach a small percentage of your community: the majority is offline, on another social platform or simply busy, doing something else. Hence all these 10-second viewers signing on and off in your live stream.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could schedule your broadcast, and that a tool would automatically promote your upcoming broadcast repeatedly on all your favorite social networks?
  2. Engagement too. Start a stream on a social network, and the network learns exactly who’s watching. But you don’t, the data isn’t shared with you. You can’t really engage with your audience if you don’t know who’s watching. Wouldn’t it be great if you could not just promote your broadcast but also let people sign up for reminders, and leave their contact details, so you can interact with them directly?
  3. Reach then? You can go live on one social network, but your community is spread over multiple social platforms. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could stream from one source and then go live on all social networks simultaneously?
  4. A professional broadcast too. It’s nice that you can launch an app and do a live show with your selfie camera, but if you really want to share your story with your audience, you need more functionalities. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could produce a professional studio-like broadcast, right from your browser, without the need for expensive equipment or software? With multi-camera sources, presentation sharing, videos you can start and graphic overlays?

Scheduling, promotion and lead generation

We developed Streaminar for brands, marketers, and influencers so they can do exactly all this.

Got excited and want to try for yourself or for your business? You can try Streaminar for free.